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Maths Course First Sememster - YEAR 1

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In this class, we shall discuss in depth...

Maths Course Second Semester - YEAR 1

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In this introductory Calculus course, I...

The benefits of taking the College classes


After taking these classes, you are sure to better at all the classes we treated, and hence ace all questions that may come from it in the forthcoming exams. With these classes, your academics success is sure!.


These classes will expose you to several strategies that helps you study faster, and also improve your questions-answering skills.


These classes will definitely give you an edge over others that are yet to take the class. The materials use within the classes; Notes, Audios, Slideshows and Qizzes with quite challenging questions that will help you identify your weak points and help you improve on them, allows you to study at any time, anywhere and at your convenience.

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