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In this class, we shall discuss in depth the various mathematics concepts that are designed to prepare you to take calculus. This course is sometimes referred to as Pre-calculus. You will solidify your understanding of algebraic and trigonometric principles in addition to coverage of matrices, set theory and functions. Together these topics will form a solid foundation that you will be able to rely on when you move on to study calculus.

I do not assume that you have prior knowledge of these concepts and instead take a step-by-step approach towards teaching these concepts. This course will cover the same topics that you would see in more traditional class settings, but in a simplified and more personalized setting that allows you to study at your own pace.

Curriculum For This Course:
-> Set theory
-> Matrices and Determinants
-> Laws of Indices and Theory of Logarithms
-> Complex Numbers and Argand Diagrams
-> Functions
-> Trigonometry
-> Polynomials
-> Equations and Inequalities

Course materials include:
-> 5 audios
-> 25 videos
-> 17 notes
-> 7 quizzes

Discussion Forums:
The course discussions boards are an important aspect of this course which will enable you to get your questions answered in depth either by the instructors or your classmates.


Basic Arithmetic

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21 Slideshows

4 Audio files

15 Notes

6 Quizes

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn the key topics that will be tested in the first semester Algebra and
Trigonometry classes. A lot of attention will be paid to showing you how you can apply what you learn to solving the types of questions you will likely be tested on.
Topics covered in this course include:
-> Set Theory
-> Complex Numbers and Argand Diagrams
-> Laws of Indices & Theory of Logarithm
-> Functions
-> Polynomials, Equations and Inequalities
-> Matrices and Determinants
-> Trigonometry


Introduction Preview
Welcome to Set Theory Preview
Introduction Preview
Terminology Preview
Union, Intersection and Differences Preview
Example: Union of Set Differences Preview
Example: Intersection of Set Difference Preview
Example: Union of Set Difference and Intersection Preview
Example: Intersection of Sets Preview
Set Theory Terminology Preview
Exercise I Preview
Set Operations Preview
Exercise II Preview
Venn diagrams Preview
Exercise III Preview
Exercise III
Systems of equations
Matrix Operations
Laws of Indices
Exponential Equations
Law of Indices
Theory of Logarithms
Exponential Equations
Exponential Equations
Complex Numbers Theory
Argand Diagrams
Real and Complex Numbers
Argand Diagrams
Argand Diagrams
Introduction to functions - injection, surjection, bijection
Elementary functions - notation
Elementary functions - examples
Elementary Functons
Elementary Functons
Trigonometric functions
Unit circle
Even and Odd Identities
Sum and Difference of Identities
Double angle
Trigonometry, Trig Functions and Trig Identities
Trigonometry, Trig Functions and Trig Identities
Polynomials (Addition and Subtraction)
Polynomials (Multiplication)
Polynomials (Division)
Equations and Inequalities
Equations and Inequalities

About the Tutor

James Leye
M.Sc Computer Science
Uni. of Southern California

Inyang Umoh holds a in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, his education and employment backgrounds provide a solid foundation in mathematics and significant experience in applying that knowledge toward practical engineering tasks.

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